Short Love Image Quotes

True love is unconditional, it’s bond is so strong that you are ready to vanish together.

True love is like keeping your promise till last breath.

Some love stories are written on stones it can’t be washed away by water.

We are world to each other.

We will always be together no matter what .

True love brings happiness in our life because it is unconditional.

There is no instrument built to measure true love, it can only be felt from the heart.

True love is pure like a diamond

Please don’t ever leave me alone. Please hold my hand always.

Your love is so strong that I see you even when I close my eyes dear.

You are my plus and I am your minus when we fuse we become zero just like earth or universe.

Every day will become your best day when you will live with your true love

All the moments are special to me dear.

I love you dear

You are my today and you are my tomorrow, you are my everything.

You live in my heart and I live in your heart we don’t need any house.

Me and you can make this world a better place for everyone

You are my life and it goes on.

Love is the magician

Krishna love is the ultimate love.

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